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This page is to provide a list of recommended vendors for telescopes and other astronomy and astrophotography equipment and software. I have launched it with some links to vendors in the United States. If you have helpful information, particularly about vendors outside of the US, please feel free to add them to this page.

United States

Nationwide Online Retailers

Oceanside Photo and Telescope (OPT)

OPT has one of the largest selections online in the United States. Previously based in Oceanside, CA, they have recently moved to nearby Carlsbad. Their equipment ranges from low-end beginner stuff to some of the highest-end equipment available. They also have fairly knowledgeable staff. They are a reliable supplier of amateur astronomy equipment, if not the cheapest.

Their in-house brand is Third Planet Optics or TPO (which is, of course, OPT backwards). Most of the TPO stuff is made by GSO.


Astronomics is another reliable supplier of equipment. Located in Norman, OK, they have a wide range of equipment, from low-end to high-end.

Their in-house brand is Astro-Tech, which is mostly made by GSO.

Astronomics is the primary sponsor of the Cloudy Nights website.

High Point Scientific

Another reliable supplier of telescopes and astronomy equipment, based in Montague, NJ

Their in-house brand is Apertura, yet again made by GSO.


This is a small web-based outfit selling lots of parts and accessories. One of their specialties is mounting hardware, including dovetail plates and tube rings as well as piggyback mounting hardware. They have great customer service and maintain their own database of details on a wide variety of scopes and what is needed for mounting them. If you don't now what you need, contact them and they can usually figure it out for you.

Telescope Parts Outlet

This guy has a wide variety of used scopes and parts. He has a huge list of items available, and a lot of stuff isn't on the list. If you're missing a part or need a repair part, he's a great source, particularly for Orion, Celestron, and Meade.

While Amazon does carry a large number of telescopes from various brands, caution is strongly recommended when purchasing via Amazon.

First, a lot of the products sold on Amazon are sold by other vendors through the Amazon interface. While Amazon regulates this to some extent, if you're not buying FROM Amazon themselves, you may run into trouble with shipping and fulfillment as well as quality. Some buyers have reported issues with incomplete items (e.g. buying a Dob and either only getting the tube and not getting the base or only getting the base and not the tube). Others have had items damaged or lost in shipping. While Amazon typically works to make things right, often by refunding the purchase, this can be a serious hassle.

Second, most of the stuff carried on Amazon is lower-end equipment targeted at a poorly-educated retail market. In other words: lots of "department-store telescopes." A good example here is the Celestron PowerSeeker line (which is nearly entirely poor quality) is promoted and shows up prominently in search results.

Lastly, the reviews on Amazon are often a very poor indicator. This is due to widespread abuse of the review system and outright fraudulent entries to boost search result positioning. This leads to lousy telescopes like the PowerSeeker 127eq receiving very high ratings and, with them, a prominent position in search results.

These problems, along with the lack of informed support from the vendor (most good vendors have informed and reasonably knowledgeable staff that can answer questions), make Amazon a very questionable source. This isn't to say you can't get decent equipment off Amazon, but that you should be extra-careful before ordering from them.





No storefront, online only


Orion Telescopes & Binoculars

89 Hangar Way Watsonville, CA 95076, (831) 763-7000


Orion Telescopes & Binoculars

10555 S. De Anza Blvd. Cupertino, CA 95014, (408) 255-8770



Land Sea and Sky and Texas Nautical Repair

1925A Richmond Ave. Houston, TX 77098, 713-364-0260


European Union


A German online telescope and other optical instrument retailer, also operates a storefront in Landsberg am Lech, Germany. Ships anywhere in Europe, and to most of the world, where commercial parcel deliveries are available.

Has an in-house brand Omegon, mostly sources optics from GSO and Synta.


Another well-known German online telescope and other optical instrument retailer, located in Ebersberg, Germany. Will happily ship to pretty much anywhere in the world, for a reasonable price.

Has an in-house brand Teleskop-Service, or just TS.

United Kingdom

First Light Optics

Probably the largest UK-based optical instrument retailer, but also will happily ship anywhere in the EU and to most of the world, operating from Exeter, Devon, UK.

Orion Optics UK

Not to be confused with the Orion Telescopes & Binoculars of the USA side of the world. This manufacturer and retailer mostly sells their own branded instruments, but also carries stock of other popular brands.




South America