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While I (John) have created this site, there's no way that I can really develop it on my own into what I hope for it to be. I want this site to be a helpful reference for amateur astronomy and astrophotography, and while I feel I'm fairly knowledgeable in the subject, I also acknowledge that there's a lot of people out there who know a lot more than me or may disagree with my views and opinions on certain topics. But that's ok, that's part of the collaborative effort, just as long as it's done respectfully.

When creating or editing pages, please keep this in mind. If you are creating a page that relies heavily on opinion versus verifiable fact, then I ask you to please be sure to make this clear.

As far as facts are concerned, where possible and appropriate, I hope we will all cite our references. You don't need to cite a reference that Betelgeuse is red-orange, or even that it's around 600 or so light years away, but if you are stating a fact that won't be readily accepted as general knowledge, then that should be cited. I'm not a stickler for format on references, as long as the reference citation is clear as to where the information comes from. I won't be grading you on your use of APA, MLA, or other citation formats - though APA is clearly the superior format! ;)

From time to time it may be appropriate to make critical statements. Whether this is of another user of this wiki (including myself), or of astronomers, researchers, designers, and others in the field, I only require that criticisms be done in a respectfully. It's ok to say "I think John is wrong in this case and doesn't seem to be taking into consideration xyz...." I would not accept "John is an idiot, and anyone should know that xyz...."

One of the features of a Wiki, particularly those using MediaWiki such as this one or the Wikipedia, is the ability to edit work created by others. This should be done to refine, update, or clarify, or expand information. The previous poster/editor's work should be respected as much as possible. Defacing other's content will not be accepted.

Any pages created or content edited in a manner that goes against the core principles of respect for others may be deleted at my discretion and users who prove to be abusive may find their accounts restricted or removed. I don't intend or desire to have to be a strict disciplinarian. However, I will defend the integrity of this site as I feel is best needed.

If you have any questions or comments concerning this policy, or suggestions for changes or amendments, please feel free to contact me at